First Finished TDF Project!

The TDF Kal always provides lots of excitement, somehow. I present my first of 3 projects for the kal:

These mitts were a lot of fun to knit. I will definitely make them again and I might even try out different knot work patterns in them. I think I might change the thumb to a gusset because they are bit tight in that area. I love them and can’t wait for cold weather so I can wear them. Or maybe I will wear them to dig around in the freezer.

Next up is my Foliage hat:

I was sort of delusional when I thought the needles I was going to need for it were in use. I read the instructions for the bulky yarn, not the worsted. Oh well. I needed those mitts first. I can see that I am going to enjoy this hat, too.

On to The Beast. It may stay away for a while because it returned Saturday night and got shot at. Sadly, we missed getting it. Perhaps it will stay gone this time. I doubt it, but a girl can dream. My husband got the new motion light we bought last fall put up on Sunday. All the excitement was just in time for my bother and niece to show up. My niece got all wound up with the yelling and the shooting. For a city girl, she’s kinda blood thirsty. I did not expect her to be so hot for her uncle to shoot a cat, wild or not. Did I call my brother a bother? Funny that.

We are having lots of fun, and I should mention that my niece is 12 , knits, AND crochets. Cool, huh?


Rima said…
The mittens are so nicely knit. I have never made mittens, but want to make a pair for this winter.
gemma said…
go team AG2R. NIce work on the mittens.
Love those mitts--and did you say 'first three' projects?? Wow!
Probably Jane said…
Lovely work - I'm having beaucoup de fun on the TdeF as well - not the least being the opportunity to use terrible franglais!

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