Yarny Fun

I shipped my guests off last weekend, and now we are back to regular, boring, every day life. Except that this morning we had a particularly nasty thunder storm that knocked the power out for 3 hours. It had already killed off our satellite signal off in the middle of my yoga show. That was annoyingly inconvenient. What was really unpleasant was that lightning was striking really close all around us and it scared the daylights out of the girls. The one that knocked the power out struck really close to our neighbor’s house.

The good news was that I was done dying my yarn for my Palindrome scarf:

I may have found my perfect shade of red here. Naturally, I will have to experiment more just to be sure.

In the duration between this post and my last one, I have finished some things. The first finished project was my second Tour de France project, Foliage:

I love her. She can snuggle my head all winter this year.

The second finished project is this Slithery Snake:

The girls love their snake. There was no putting it back for a birthday or Christmas. The oldest stood by waiting for me to finish, she liked it so much. So far, they are sharing nicely. It was first named Ringo the Snake, but today I heard one of them calling it Wormy, so who knows.

How about some bread I made last week? This loaf came out very nice looking, unlike the loaf I made yesterday. I suspect I didn’t set the oven temp. high enough, because it was beautifully browned like this one:

They all taste great, though. I love home made bread. The girls will come running for fresh sourdough. Last weekend I made muffins for breakfast one morning. They were delicious. They could become my new baking obsession.


Rima said…
I totally totally love the snake! I tried to make one once...it looked too scary to give it to a kid.
Anonymous said…
The snake is fantastic! I have a herd of children demmanding a snake now! Serves me right for wandering around blogland when I should be knitting!
The snake is sooo cuute, and I never thought I'd ever say that about a snake!
Rebecca said…
The snake is adorable - what a great toy.

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