Happy September

Today is way too fall-like. I need more warm weather to get goodies from my garden. We only just got these from our garden on Monday night:

Our first tomatoes! One slice per burger. Lovely, big, juicy tomatoes. How I love them. Happy days.

The knitting is mostly over for the Patchwork Tortoise. I have spent several evenings piecing together the strips I knit for the back:

It was a bit dicey figuring out how I was going to sew my strips together without getting 2 of the same color touching. I think it was a victory to only have 1 incidence of same color blocks touching. If I were to make this again in the future, I think I would use more colors for the tortoise’s back. I have enjoyed making it. It will be even more fun when Knitter #3 gets to play with it.

I’ve decided to type up my Survivor Man Hat and post it here as a free pattern. I’ve also been considering making another one in a softer yarn. The original is Lopi, which is very warm. It is also VERY rough to wear by your skin.

On another note, have any of you seen that pattern for a sweater in the Fall IK (p.30) that is made with lite Lopi? My heart goes out to the girl modeling that thing. I would never use a yarn like Lopi for that sort of garment. Lopi is great for outerwear. I have a knitted coat made with Lopi and I love it, but I wouldn’t wear it over a tank top. It makes me cringe to think of it.


Rima said…
Hello! Happy September.

Such great tomatoes. I love tomatoes. I dream of one day having a backyard and growing my own produce.
Yes, every Lopi garment I have is sooo scratchy:(
Ruby Louise said…
Two things money can't buy: true love and homegrown tomatoes! (or so the song goes) To me, it's not summer unless there are fresh tomatoes. :-)
Rebecca said…
A couple of my tomatoes are just starting to turn red. It really feels like fall here, too. I need more tomato growing time!