So Long, Summer

Yesterday, I made granola and granola bars. Here are the bars in progress:

They are wonderful, and so is the granola. The recipes came from the King Arthur Flour site. The dried fruit that I used came from my friend’s orchard. They make their own dried fruit, apple sauce, and, of course, sell fruit. Because of Kimi, I now believe there is nothing tastier than a dried pluot.

The closing days of summer here have been cold and wet. All it did all day yesterday was rain. By buckets. On the whole, this is good. It has been really dry, so the rain makes us feel better about all the dry grass surrounding us. It made our ducks very, very happy. They love rain.

The goats are now a for sure thing. We talked about it Wednesday and Brent was all for it. He wants to build some fence so we can have some steers, too. Fencing is pretty expensive, so it may not happen right away. The goats are definitely going to happen, though. They won’t require as much fence. We will have to build them a good little shed, though. And I think we should probably make it an enclosed shed for predator protection. We have cougars around here. Cougars are a danger to any size goat, not just little ones. I prefer the dog to be out when the kids are out playing in the yard. You just never know with big cats. And that bobcat visited our neighbors last year and got a couple goats about the same time it got into our birds. I think it was the bobcat and the neighbor thought it might have been, too. I am not sure how big the goats were because they have all sizes over there.

I’ve decided it is high time I really, actually learn how to use my spindle. I’ve had it for nearly 2 years. I think I am going to get some new fiber to play with. Before I knew what I was doing, I bought some merino to learn with. It isn’t the best fiber work with when you are beginning, so I’m going to get something a little easier to work with.


Rebecca said…
I would love to have some goats. My husband points out how much work animals are and how we would be tied down. Yeah, because we get away so often. I like making granola but don't do it very often. My mom made it when I was a kid and we loved it.

What really helped me on the spindle was figuring out how to draft. The more prepared and drafted your fiber is, the easier it is to use. I prefer my wheel, but after I learned to draft using the wheel, the spindle suddenly made a lot more sense. I just didn't draft nearly enough for the spindle. That made more difference than the type of wool.

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