And here we have the finished product:

Note the difference in the 2 hanks of yarn I used. The one with less white in it was in the bottom of the dye pot. I just dropped them in and poked them down, no stirring. It was interesting to see how different they came out.

On to other things. I am going to see if I can convince my husband to get some goats. Milking goats. And if I can’t talk him into it, I might have to get mean and just bring home some adorable little baby goats in the spring. Who can say no to an adorable little baby animal? But I’m pretty sure I can talk him into it. A few weeks ago he remarked that we should get some milking goats. That is what made me start thinking about it. Then today on Ravelry I read in a forum that chickens are gateway livestock. The way cigarettes are a gateway drug. I found that to be really funny. As many years as we’ve had chickens, we should definitely be moving up the food chain to something without feathers… Feathered creatures we have owned or been adopted by: guineas, geese, ducks, chickens (of course) and we were adopted by a peacock for a while. Until he figured out none the other birds were impressed by his advances. Then he left us as quickly as he adopted us. I miss him.


Rebecca said…
Goat you like to drink it? I hear that the longer you have it, the stronger the goat flavor. So for a good, goaty, cheese, it is better to use older goat milk.
Anonymous said…
Yay, you're getting goats! I'm so glad! Join us...resistance is useless.
Rima said…
You once owned a peacock! They are such beautiful birds.

I love goat cheese.

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