Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning Muffins

Saturday morning muffins. Yum. These have become a habit around our house. We’ve been having them most weekends for well over a year. Maybe close to 2 years. They are from an old cookbook of my grandmother’s.

This is what I’ve been playing with the last 24 hours:

I was inspired by a top I saw online. The dress form is named Tulip. She absolutely lives to help me out with my sewing. For real. I bought the fabric last year to make some kind of summer top. And now I’m getting around to it. I love the watercolor flowers on it.

Last night I didn’t get the garden planted like I thought I would. We had some nasty weather, so I did it this morning. It got hot before I could finish, so maybe tonight or in the morning I can finish up. My tomatoes looked half dead when I planted them, but they got a good watering, so hopefully they look mostly alive now. My pal, Kimmie, has some more plants for me next week. The past couple years I have had the worst luck with my tomato starts. Last year I had a few that made it to the garden. This year there are none. I think maybe next year I am going to go back to planting them at the beginning of February. That way I’ll at least have time to replant if they don’t do well.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Sewing

How about some pictures of what I have sewn in the past month? The first picture is of some nightgowns I made for the little knitters:

I love the pattern, it is very easy. And they picked it out themselves. It is one of those easy patterns they have in racks at JoAnn’s.

These are the dresses that I broke in my serger with. That’s right, I finally used my serger. I was kind of intimidated by it for a long time. So, a couple of weeks ago, I got up some spine and nerve and sat down with it. Nothing exploded, no fingers were severed, and it was wonderful. I love my serger. I plan on tackling a dress for me this weekend. I have most of it cut out and it has interesting construction. It’s a vintage pattern from the 50’s.

We are finally finishing getting the garden in. Right now it is too hot to do much outside, but tonight I plan on getting tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in the ground tonight. We are really late with things this year. Most years we have the tomatoes in the ground the second week of May.

I’ve finished planting pots for the front porch. It is really nice having the front porch to sit on. We are thinking about getting some bamboo blinds to hang on the porches to help keep the sun from heating us up so much.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few interesting things:

I just did laundry and each of my children have 1 pair of socks. This could change when I go through the bulging odd sock basket. But it might not.
Knitter #2 had 4 pajama tops and 1 pajama bottom in the laundry. None of them have mates…
I hate when half the laundry is missing.

School is over for the year. Last Wednesday we had a picnic at the park next to the preschool. Then some of us were on summer break. It wasn’t official until the oldest came home from school on Wednesday.

Remember the old days when I used to knit? I am beginning to wonder if I need to just rip some projects that I have lost interest in. I mean, am I really ever going to finish them? I doubt it. And it would probably be really freeing to rip them out and just worry about finishing the projects I actually like and want to finish.

I think the last time I posted I was carrying on about sewing up my stash of fabric. I finally pulled out some of it and took a picture. This by NO MEANS my entire fabric stash. This is the easy to get at, easy to find stuff:

I have already sewn up some smocked fabric in that pile into summer dresses for the girls. I need to shorten them, though. Knitter #3 thinks hers is a princess gown because it is so long she walks on it.

In hopes of getting back to my old normal life, I intend to post every day for a while. School is out, so I should be able to get on the internet daily. I hope.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Field Trip

Today I went on a little in town field trip with Knitter #2’s class. We went to the Rural Fire Department and learned about fires and keeping your house safe from fire. I learned absolutely nothing, but the kids learned a lot. I did learn that I am glad I am not the parent of certain boys in her class. If they had been mine and behaved the way they did on the way back to school, there would have been a serious reckoning right in the middle of town in front of anyone and everyone. Almost every boy in her class missed their afternoon recess because they couldn’t do what they were told on the way back to school. When I got home, I told my husband I was glad we have girls. If I had boys, though, I would probably be able to put up with them…

I have come to the conclusion that I have to take drastic action with my fabric stash. It is growing and growing. So I decided I am going to get it all out, take a picture and post it here. Then I will attempt to post about my sewing progress at least once a week.

Good news on the gardening front. There are sprouts in my raised beds. The compost we put in just wasn’t staying wet enough before the week of rain we had. Maybe I will be ambitious and get some pictures of stuff.

We are very excited to be getting a new satellite for our tv. We will be able to get all of the digital channels that we aren’t currently getting. It fills me with envy when people tell me about all the things they watch on PBS that I don’t get. Now I get to join the club!

Last of all, a picture from the zoo:

This is the Sloth Bear. The last time we went to the zoo and it was really hot. This bear’s native habitat includes the Himalayan mountains, so hot isn’t really his cup of tea. Friday was nice and cool, so we got to see lots of animals out and about.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I will be exceedingly happy when the 20th of May rolls around. It is the last day of school for Knitter #3. I don’t have to take #2 to school, so it is no big deal. We spend so much time away from home these days that it makes me crazy. I’ve lost control of my house. It needs to be declared in a state of emergency so it can get some serious help. I want my life back. That nice life I had where I had time for baking bagels and cookies. I have managed to keep us in yogurt. Maybe I will make a clearing out goal for June. See how many bags and boxes of junk we can get rid of in the month of June.

My raised beds are not doing well. Nothing is growing in them. I hope the mushroom compost isn’t the cause. We’ve had surprisingly cool weather for the last half of April and beginning of May. There has been so much rain the past couple weeks, I’m beginning to think we don’t live in southern Idaho anymore. Maybe our stuff will sprout now. Hopefully.

You know, sometimes I wonder about the people who make up the cutting layouts and yardages for sewing patterns. I really wanted to make the dress in the pattern above, but I had to go buy more fabric because there was no conceivable way I was going to get all the pieces out of my fabric. I don’t think the fabric shrank so much that I had to go buy another 2/3 of a yard. Let’s hope the other dress pattern I recently bought fabric for had the right yardage. I am in love with retro dress patterns right now. They remind me of the dresses my grandmother used to have. When I was 13 or 14, I could wear her old dresses. And nearly all of them had been sewn by her.

Some new things around here:

The yellow ones are Delawares, the dark ones are Barred Rocks and the reddish ones are supposed to be Rhode Island Reds.

And some goaty cuteness:

Zoe put herself there. They enjoyed lawn chairs way too much and I had to make Brent remove them from the pen.

Tomorrow, I am going on my very first field trip. We are going to the zoo in Boise. With a picnic in the park. Hopefully, the weather is nice and we see lots of animals. Maybe I will be ambitious and sew the arms and zipper on my FINISHED Accordion sweater. FINISHED!