I will be exceedingly happy when the 20th of May rolls around. It is the last day of school for Knitter #3. I don’t have to take #2 to school, so it is no big deal. We spend so much time away from home these days that it makes me crazy. I’ve lost control of my house. It needs to be declared in a state of emergency so it can get some serious help. I want my life back. That nice life I had where I had time for baking bagels and cookies. I have managed to keep us in yogurt. Maybe I will make a clearing out goal for June. See how many bags and boxes of junk we can get rid of in the month of June.

My raised beds are not doing well. Nothing is growing in them. I hope the mushroom compost isn’t the cause. We’ve had surprisingly cool weather for the last half of April and beginning of May. There has been so much rain the past couple weeks, I’m beginning to think we don’t live in southern Idaho anymore. Maybe our stuff will sprout now. Hopefully.

You know, sometimes I wonder about the people who make up the cutting layouts and yardages for sewing patterns. I really wanted to make the dress in the pattern above, but I had to go buy more fabric because there was no conceivable way I was going to get all the pieces out of my fabric. I don’t think the fabric shrank so much that I had to go buy another 2/3 of a yard. Let’s hope the other dress pattern I recently bought fabric for had the right yardage. I am in love with retro dress patterns right now. They remind me of the dresses my grandmother used to have. When I was 13 or 14, I could wear her old dresses. And nearly all of them had been sewn by her.

Some new things around here:

The yellow ones are Delawares, the dark ones are Barred Rocks and the reddish ones are supposed to be Rhode Island Reds.

And some goaty cuteness:

Zoe put herself there. They enjoyed lawn chairs way too much and I had to make Brent remove them from the pen.

Tomorrow, I am going on my very first field trip. We are going to the zoo in Boise. With a picnic in the park. Hopefully, the weather is nice and we see lots of animals. Maybe I will be ambitious and sew the arms and zipper on my FINISHED Accordion sweater. FINISHED!


Cari said…
Our raised beds are behaving kind of strangely this season too. I'm hoping it's just the coolish weather and they'll snap out of it and feed us soon.
Oh those chicks!!

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