A few interesting things:

I just did laundry and each of my children have 1 pair of socks. This could change when I go through the bulging odd sock basket. But it might not.
Knitter #2 had 4 pajama tops and 1 pajama bottom in the laundry. None of them have mates…
I hate when half the laundry is missing.

School is over for the year. Last Wednesday we had a picnic at the park next to the preschool. Then some of us were on summer break. It wasn’t official until the oldest came home from school on Wednesday.

Remember the old days when I used to knit? I am beginning to wonder if I need to just rip some projects that I have lost interest in. I mean, am I really ever going to finish them? I doubt it. And it would probably be really freeing to rip them out and just worry about finishing the projects I actually like and want to finish.

I think the last time I posted I was carrying on about sewing up my stash of fabric. I finally pulled out some of it and took a picture. This by NO MEANS my entire fabric stash. This is the easy to get at, easy to find stuff:

I have already sewn up some smocked fabric in that pile into summer dresses for the girls. I need to shorten them, though. Knitter #3 thinks hers is a princess gown because it is so long she walks on it.

In hopes of getting back to my old normal life, I intend to post every day for a while. School is out, so I should be able to get on the internet daily. I hope.


Quilting Mama said…
Wonder if my daughter's other halves have met those from your house.
I had to hold out a bunch of items for donation from the pre-summer clean out due to the missing half phenomenon.

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