Some Sewing

How about some pictures of what I have sewn in the past month? The first picture is of some nightgowns I made for the little knitters:

I love the pattern, it is very easy. And they picked it out themselves. It is one of those easy patterns they have in racks at JoAnn’s.

These are the dresses that I broke in my serger with. That’s right, I finally used my serger. I was kind of intimidated by it for a long time. So, a couple of weeks ago, I got up some spine and nerve and sat down with it. Nothing exploded, no fingers were severed, and it was wonderful. I love my serger. I plan on tackling a dress for me this weekend. I have most of it cut out and it has interesting construction. It’s a vintage pattern from the 50’s.

We are finally finishing getting the garden in. Right now it is too hot to do much outside, but tonight I plan on getting tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in the ground tonight. We are really late with things this year. Most years we have the tomatoes in the ground the second week of May.

I’ve finished planting pots for the front porch. It is really nice having the front porch to sit on. We are thinking about getting some bamboo blinds to hang on the porches to help keep the sun from heating us up so much.


Sue said…
They are gorgeous! They look so crisp and cool. I wish I could sew, but I'm completely useless.
Sarah said…
I wish I had your wherewithal when it comes to sewing. I'd love to be able to sew some clothes for myself. But I have a hard enough time finishing up a simple valance.

You are lucky to have such an early spring! Spring comes ever so slowly to the Middle West... ho hum.

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