Another Field Trip

Today I went on a little in town field trip with Knitter #2’s class. We went to the Rural Fire Department and learned about fires and keeping your house safe from fire. I learned absolutely nothing, but the kids learned a lot. I did learn that I am glad I am not the parent of certain boys in her class. If they had been mine and behaved the way they did on the way back to school, there would have been a serious reckoning right in the middle of town in front of anyone and everyone. Almost every boy in her class missed their afternoon recess because they couldn’t do what they were told on the way back to school. When I got home, I told my husband I was glad we have girls. If I had boys, though, I would probably be able to put up with them…

I have come to the conclusion that I have to take drastic action with my fabric stash. It is growing and growing. So I decided I am going to get it all out, take a picture and post it here. Then I will attempt to post about my sewing progress at least once a week.

Good news on the gardening front. There are sprouts in my raised beds. The compost we put in just wasn’t staying wet enough before the week of rain we had. Maybe I will be ambitious and get some pictures of stuff.

We are very excited to be getting a new satellite for our tv. We will be able to get all of the digital channels that we aren’t currently getting. It fills me with envy when people tell me about all the things they watch on PBS that I don’t get. Now I get to join the club!

Last of all, a picture from the zoo:

This is the Sloth Bear. The last time we went to the zoo and it was really hot. This bear’s native habitat includes the Himalayan mountains, so hot isn’t really his cup of tea. Friday was nice and cool, so we got to see lots of animals out and about.


Probably Jane said…
Looking forward to seeing pictures of your garden. I can't wait to get home and watch mine grow every evening!

And maybe do a little kntting also....

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