Saturday Morning Muffins

Saturday morning muffins. Yum. These have become a habit around our house. We’ve been having them most weekends for well over a year. Maybe close to 2 years. They are from an old cookbook of my grandmother’s.

This is what I’ve been playing with the last 24 hours:

I was inspired by a top I saw online. The dress form is named Tulip. She absolutely lives to help me out with my sewing. For real. I bought the fabric last year to make some kind of summer top. And now I’m getting around to it. I love the watercolor flowers on it.

Last night I didn’t get the garden planted like I thought I would. We had some nasty weather, so I did it this morning. It got hot before I could finish, so maybe tonight or in the morning I can finish up. My tomatoes looked half dead when I planted them, but they got a good watering, so hopefully they look mostly alive now. My pal, Kimmie, has some more plants for me next week. The past couple years I have had the worst luck with my tomato starts. Last year I had a few that made it to the garden. This year there are none. I think maybe next year I am going to go back to planting them at the beginning of February. That way I’ll at least have time to replant if they don’t do well.


Sarah said…
Cute top!!!

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