A Little Knitting

Lately, there has been a lot of knitting, but also a lot me getting mad at whatever is eating my cabbage and broccoli plants. I have bought them twice along with some brussels sprouts plants and some kind of beast has eaten them off while they sit in their pots on our deck. Currently I think it is a magpie, but it could be something else. It is making our garden rather expensive this spring. If we ever get them into our garden, I am covering them with netting. Our plan now is to take them straight from the car to the garden and get them planted. Today I will be planting some seeds in hopes of taking advantage of the rain we are supposed to get starting tomorrow.

On to the knitting! I've been working on Knitter #3's purple penguin sweater. It is coming right along, but I have run into a little snag. I am not going to have enough yarn to finish it. I will absolutely have to buy more purple to finish the sweater. I don't really want to have to do that, so I am hoping I can find something else that I need from Webs. There is no way I need more yarn. I don't think I have enough purple left to finish the second arm. I did not do a good job of estimating the quantity of yarn I would need for the project. When I do order the yarn, I may get some more of the blue and try to lengthen the sleeves of Knitter #2's horse sweater.

This sock is a new experiment. I am trying to create some striping yarns for my shop, and this one is my first. I've taken lots and lots of notes on it so I can recreate the process. It's funny how fast I have been knitting these socks up. I am hoping that by this winter I will have enough wool socks to wear them exclusively. A few years back I had enough wool socks to do that, but by the time the winter was over, I had worn a lot of them out. Sock knitting has been the bane of my existence for a long time. I want to knit a lot of them, but I lose interest. For me, the key seems to be keeping it simple. I get tired of knitting complicated lace patterns. But give me a ribbed or plain stockinette stitch and sock and I will fly through it. It has taken me way too long to realize that.


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