Finally, Spring

Since I last posted, we went through some sad times. About the time of my last post, my nephews flew their mom to Montana and put her straight into the hospital to detox her. My sister in law started drinking when she was 12 or 13 years old. At first things seemed like they would be ok. That there would be a good outcome. She was in BAD shape when she got to Montana. But everything started going wrong after about a week. They had a treatment program all lined up for her, but she never made it there. She died on them, they revived her and put her on life support, but when they started easing her off the meds, she didn't wake up. I wouldn't want to be in the position my niece and nephews were in having to take their mother (age 55) off life support. It was really, really hard on everyone. When you hear people talk about getting sober, there is a lot of talk about 'rock bottom'. When someone hits there, they will truly WANT to get sober. But not everyone has a rock bottom. My sister in law was a wonderful, fun, kind person. She was a fun aunt and the girls will miss her so much. Brent misses her a lot. They used to talk quite a bit. That was who he could call when their mom was getting on his nerves. At the same time, we lost one of my aunts. First her husband, my Dad's little brother passed away in January. She only outlived him by a month and a half. My kids loved those two dearly as well. The last half of the winter here was ROUGH to say the least.

Spring has come and things have to get better. That said, when Brent started the rototiller up in the garden this morning, it blew out a rod and is toast. We can't afford to replace it, either. I am confident that things will turn around. I've been working on new ideas for my etsy shops and I'm feeling really positive on that front.

I've been knitting all through the hiatus. I have most of a purple penguin sweater knit. ALL of the blue horse sweater is finished. AND. A lost knitting book was found! If that isn't an awesome turn of events, I don't know what is. To my knowledge, I only have one other lost knitting book. When it turns up, all will be perfect again!


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