Pattern Angst

I've been on the hunt for a pattern for some yarns I dyed recently. They are going to be introduced into my etsy shop pretty soon and I need to swatch some yarn for the gauge. And I would feel funny about selling something I'd already knit up and then unraveled. So I will be forced to make something with the yarn. Oh no, not that. And one of the yarns I ended up dyeing twice because I made a mistake the first time. So I have three balls of yarn to make into stuff. I have the hardest time finding patterns for one or two balls of DK. Well, patterns I like.

Normally when I make something it works the other way around. I see a pattern I like and decide what yarn to use for it. I was in luck with one of the yarns I dyed because there was this pattern I've been wanting to knit up from the Interweave Harry Potter Knits issue last year. That is what I am going to do with the pretty red yarn pictured above.

I didn't get pictures, but yesterday I got our coveted broccoli and cabbage planted. I thought I would take pictures and make a really cool collage. But then I forgot. They are in nice rows and covered with netting. Hopefully well enough to keep varmints from eating them.


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