Resurrection Sunday

Everyone knows what the title means, right?  This was our first Easter Sunday as a church-going family.  And Knitter #2 and I took the big plunge.  We got baptised in a horse trough at the end of the service today.  It was nice to see some steaming 5 gallon buckets of water coming in to warm the water up.  Not to say the water was really nice and warm.  But it wasn't freezing cold, either. My husband and Pastor Johnny dunked us under the water and that was it.  It was an experience, for sure.  I was bordering on terrified while I was standing in the trough waiting.  I hate having my face under water.  Just when I thought I was out of air, there I was back up in the nice, dry oxygen.  After that, I made huge puddles in the floor while a teenager and her father got baptised.

It was awesome.


Michelle said…
Kathy, that's wonderful! Happy Re-birthday!

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