Summer Hair Update

I haven't posted anything about my hair in a while. It has been driving me nuts. For a while now, I've been dealing with scalp itchiness that seems to be from buildup. Washing with shampoo helps that, so I have been making sure to do that once a week. Problem solved. BUT. It has created a whole new problem. My hair is constantly falling out of updos and braids. When I shampoo, I use conditioner and my hair is now very slippy. Buns that used to hold like iron in my Jeterforks or my own hair sticks now will not hold. I think I liked it better a few years ago when I was doing the Water Only (WO) method and my head was kind of greasy and sometimes flaky. I didn't need anything to keep my hair in place. Right now, the only thing that is dependable is spin pins.

Yesterday I wore a head scarf so I wouldn't have to deal with my hair. I put my hair in a ponytail, stuck on my sock bun ring (homemade from old socks), wrapped my hair around it, and used a spin pin to keep the ends in. Even with my hair under a scarf or 3, I still want it to stay where I put it. The scarves above are the ones I used. I wish I had thought of getting pictures before we went shopping. By the time we got home it was slipping and I had to redo it and add a headband to keep the white cotton pashmina in place. I'd forgotten how beastly those things can be.

Today I wore my hair in a braided bun where I wrapped the braids around my hair sticks and that seemed to work well. However, I am rethinking my hair care routine since I can't seem to keep it up anymore.

What is your summer hair care routine?


Michelle said…
I hate the way my hair/head feels if I don't wash it daily or at least every other day! Then I blow-dry it and spray it in place, not to worry about it again. I would never have the patience for long hair (which I can't grow).

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