Yarny Leftovers

I've finished off some projects lately that have left me with a lot of yarn left over and I've been thinking about what to do with them. I know I can get shorty socks out of them, and I am pretty sure that's what I will do with some of them. And there WILL be more of these, because I have three balls of yarn involved in a couple scarves. One may get used up, but the others won't. That means I get to go on a pattern hunt to see what I could do with them. Happy times.

Our garden has been getting over run with grasshoppers. I was talking with Brent about it and he said I should put the chickens in there. I have tried herding all the birds in there before. They really don't seem to care for being in the garden. Maybe because we keep it closed a lot of the time and they don't go in there very often. This morning I caught 2 hens and put them in the garden and shut the gate. Hopefully they ate a lot of grasshoppers before escaping. I had wanted to put 3 or 4 of them in there, but after I snatched the second one, the others were decidedly nervous. Chickens may not be parrots or ravens, but they do have pretty decent survival instincts.

This last picture is from the other day. When I was helping Knitter #3 make her first brownies, Brent wanted a taste of the bread I'd just pulled out of the oven. It is a white bread recipe, but I throw a couple cups of rye flour in it. My family loves it. What is your favorite bread? Do you bake your own?


Michelle said…
I have one mainstay bread recipe that my family and most visitors love. It is whole wheat with flax meal and sunflower seeds in it; I make a four-loaf batch at a time.

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