I Love Red

Since I know there is at least one reader out there thinking about taking up quilting, I thought I would share a couple things when it comes to tools. Several years ago, my husband got me a cutting mat for Christmas. At the time I was a bit disappointed that he bought the largest size he could find. Since then, I have decided it was a bit of genius coming through. It is wonderful when I am cutting clothes out and gave me plenty of room when I cut my fabric strips for the quilt blocks. The other thing I want to share is about quilt rulers. Get one of the long ones. I bought a big square one some years ago, and I am going to get one of those long ones. My big square one was rather inconvenient when I was cutting those fabric strips because it didn’t go all the way across the fabric. I am all for making my job easier, so I am going to invest in a long quilt ruler.

I am in love with a color of yarn called Candy Cane Red. It is so bright and beautiful. Believe it or not, I have a sweater in mind for it. Yeah, I know. I want to knit half the sweaters I see. When I get my current projects taken care of, I am really going to knit myself a sweater. Possibly in Candy Cane Red. I love red.

How about those current projects, then? Here are two of them. First is the window covering. You will note the bit of puckering. Now you will, anyway.

I think I have avoided the puckering on the vest below. I am half way through the chart for the flower pattern. I am not sure if I will add anything else. Probably not, I want this to be a quick knit.


Lone Knitter said…
Thanks for the advice on the cutting mat and rulers. I haven't bought any supplies yet as I'm still working on restoring this old sewing maching. I'm so excited about quilting!
Anonymous said…
I think that vest and the window covering are so cute! The design is so simple with the one row of design near the bottom. I love the wool you're using for those socks by the way, green is a good colour.

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