Socks and Yarn

My first finished object of the year! Yay! I am wearing them as I type this. I finished them Sunday night and was probably lucky to do so. I sewed quilt blocks all day Saturday (husband was gone) and we had a birthday party to go to Sunday afternoon. I didn’t take any pictures of the blocks yet. The quilt is going to be a birthday present for my husband.

I am now working on my January socks which are a discontinued yarn and colorway from Knit Picks. Sock Garden in Daffodil. Anyone remember the lovely yarn I got from my secret pal back in October? Mountain Colors Bearfoot. It is going to be my February sock project. I felt that this very special yarn needed a special pattern. The pattern is going to be Nancy Bush’s Traveling Socks from Knitting on the Road. I can’t wait to feel the Bearfoot on my feet.

Yesterday, I spent half the afternoon online looking at sweater patterns for my aunts. I now have 2 aunts enlisted, and that means 2 sweaters. I may use the same pattern for each of them. However, I managed to find 3 patterns I liked for myself. Fortunately, I am not keeping a number count of the sweaters I have been seeing that I NEED to have. I might feel ashamed if I did.
Speaking of yarn shame, I think that perhaps I really shouldn’t feel any when I look at my stash. I’ve been reading for the past couple years of people who have enough yarn in their stash for X number of sweaters. I don’t have that kind of yarn laying about here. I couldn’t make an entire adult sweater with the yarn I have. Unless it had A LOT of colors in it. It would seem that I rather NEED to do some stashing. The only thing I can make with my stash is socks and baby sweaters. It is sort of disappointing to think that I can’t go to my hampers and baskets and knit a sweater from it. Maybe I’ve done a good job of knitting what I buy over the years. I may have to punish myself with yarn this spring….


Rebecca said…
Horrible! You must punish yourself with yarn! When I started knitting, I bought a lot of non-project specific yarn, and ended up with a stash full of two skeins of lots and lots of colors. I have bought yarn for a couple of sweaters now, that I have yet to knit, but mostly just have random yarn, and not really enough to knit much but a hat. And now I have huge stash guilt. I have decided that I really like random yarn, but more like buying specifically for a project and clearing it out.
Lone Knitter said…
Your new socks match your new blog design. I just love the KnitPicks Daffodil. I bought up like six or eight balls of it when I saw it was being discontinued. The colors are gorgeous. I don't care what anyone says: knitting with the KnitPicks sock yarn is a lovely thing. (I'll worry about the felting later!) Oh, and I CAN'T wait to see your quilt squares!
Anonymous said…
That red yarn on the left of that left picture looks amazing! Anyone would love to have socks that colour!
I love Mountain Colors, it's so luxurious...

I agree with Rebecca M, I also acquired a lot of non-project specific yarn and wish I'd been slightly more careful. Enjoy stashifying!

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