A New Look

As you see, we have a new look around here. I think I have figured out how to use this new layout/template thing. I can’t get it to put up the info for my Pacific Northwest Fiber Bloggers ring, though. It is going to require more study, I guess. I saved the old template on my computer before I started updating to the new stuff. Much nicer than what happened the last time I played with my template last fall.

I finished all the bits and pieces of the bears. I just can’t get up the courage to start sewing the little beasts together. Finish work. Yuck.

Instead I have been working on some socks and my window covering. I’ll take a picture of the window covering when there is something to show. I hope to have this sock done this weekend, because I decided not to count it for my sock a month goal. It seemed like cheating to count a pair of socks when I was half way through the second sock. They are some of my Socktoberfest socks that didn’t get finished. The pair I will use as my January socks were also Socktoberfest socks, but I didn’t have much of a start on them.

I haven’t told you all about my knitting experience just before Christmas. This girl working in a McDonalds came up to me and asked me if I had knit the hat I was wearing. I told her yes and she started talking very excitedly about how she was learning how to knit. She was so new to knitting she had to ask me what stitches I used to make it. Apparently, she was REALLY new to knitting because she didn’t know a knit from a purl. She told me she had some needles, some yarn, and some stuff she had gotten photocopied at the library. After she went back in the kitchen, I could hear her telling people about my hat. I have never seen anyone so excited about knitting and I really hope she is succeeding with it. Learning to knit was very easy for me, and I hope it is just as easy for her.


Love your new look! I also LOVE that sock yarn, so cheerful.
That's a fun little anecdote about the girl--it's always a kick to see new knitters and their excitement, isn't it?
Rebecca said…
I like the new look of the blog...the colors are cheery and welcoming! I look forward to seeing your window covering; I love the idea of knitting for the house. I can't even imagine getting a pair of socks done a month - but I have a lot of sock yarn, so I will be trying to at least complete a few pair this year.

It's so exciting to meet someone excited about knitting. I often try to entice my friends, and it is working slowly. I dragged my friend to a yarn shop, and we found some lovely yarn we are going to knit into matching scarves...that yarn stuff can create the addiction. ☺
Lone Knitter said…
A new knitter! What joy. I love that excitement that a new knitter who is going to stick with it forever can bring. You can tell which new knitters REALLY love knitting. What a joy.

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