First thing, I want to thank everyone for their nice comments on my fair ribbons. Jane has way more confidence in my knitting than I do!

Last night, instead of doing more repeats on the Palindrome scarf, I finished up my neck warmer and the Happy Hen Sweater. As I type, the sweater is being worn to bed for a nap by Knitter #3. It is supposed to be 100 today. Good thing we have central air. Here is the Happy Hen:

And the unblocked neck warmer:

Knitter #2 has requested a neck warmer of her own. I am anxious to see what it looks like after I block it. I am thinking about steam blocking rather than washing it. I don’t think I have ever steam blocked anything before. Not that I can remember, anyway.

Last night, I went to the garden and made a small harvest of zucchinis and peppers. The peppers are strangely shaped for stuffing peppers. Maybe it’s because they are the first peppers of the season. I’m worried they might be hot peppers, but they are big for Jalapenos. I picked 3 zucchinis and they were each a different color. I am most enamored with the goofy green and yellow one.


Rima said…
How adorable is that Happy Hen! I would be a Happy Hen wearing it ;)
Quilting Mama said…
I love happy hen. I hope is was a good nap accessory.

Belated congrats for the fair ribbons.
Rebecca said…
That sweater is so cute!

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