New Porch, Old Sock

My projects are getting a bit out of control again. I have so many going, that I am ashamed. So I am not going to start anymore with the exception of my Ravelympics project. And I am going to quit thinking about what project to do first once I get all of these done. At least I am nearly done with 2 of them. I could actually finish them before the Ravelympics start.

This is what I worked on today while sitting at the computer getting really annoyed:

These are the socks for Brent that I started last winter. This December, I don’t think I will make any sock knitting resolutions. I may not even try to knit any during February. It seems to be a bad sock knitting month for me.

The picture was taken on our new front porch. It is still in progress, but Brent has gotten most of the decking on it now. We may have breakfast out there tomorrow morning.


Probably Jane said…
I sympathise - there's something about the middle portion of any project when you are far enough from the beginning for the novelty to have worn off and too far from the end for that final push. A bit like Wednesday in the working week...

Enjoy knitting on your lovely new porch!
I feel your shame!! I am in the same WIP insane hell--how did this happen? Love those socks, just finish them and you'll feel much better, right?

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