Half Finished Objects

My Ravelympics experience was a bit of a downer. I didn’t finish anything, but it was fun trying to. I have finished a sock and that is a victory around here!

I am also officially half way through my Palindrome scarf:

Last night I finally finished off the first ball of yarn I dyed for it. The second ball doesn’t have as many white specks in it. In fact, it might not have any in it.

Lately, all I want to do is knit. Maybe it is the cooler weather. It’s been great for all my languishing knitting projects. I expect to finish the Patchwork Tortoise this week. It has come to a point where I can only work on it after the kids are in bed now. The oldest is sort of a big mouth and tells people if I am making them something. The tortoise is for our youngest whose birthday is in October.

Speaking of my oldest child, we had a very big day this last week. Last Monday morning, I put her on the school bus for the very first time. Something we will be repeating a lot for close to 20 years. My babies are not supposed to grow up! Well, not when they are being good and sweet, anyway.

One of my big projects recently has been cleaning up my sewing and crafting area. I am about half way through it now. It has been so disorganized and messy that it has been hard to even sew. The kids loved when I organized their room, and they find my new project irresistible. I can’t keep Knitter #3 out of my new storage unit.


All I want to do is knit, too...but my job just gets in the way!

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