Knitting Wrenches

Sometimes things are going great and then the proverbial wrench shows up. I had this sort of plan as to how I was going to be knitting things up for the Ravelympics and then it happened. My ball of black yarn disappeared. The children seem to have no idea where it is. I have no idea where it is. At least I have the first one done. Naturally, this is why I was looking for the black yarn…

Here it is:

Isn’t it beautiful on our newly-attached-to-the-new-porch steps? Even better, it fits! And when I find the yarn, she can get a matching mitten. I will quit whining now.

I want to thank everyone for all of the nice comments on the Happy Hen sweater. It was only taken to with once. Perhaps it was too hot for napping in August…

How about the garden? It is growing and growing. This may be our best garden yet. I hope it will be, anyway. Every year I dream that we will finally be able to get a good portion of our food from our own garden. You know gratuitous garden shots will follow.

A pumpkin:

It looks pretty wilty. Hope it’s the heat and not squash bugs.

Baby Mortgage Lifters:

A Brandywine:

This one could be our first ripe large tomato.

Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes:


One last bit of knitting news. I have started the toe decreases on one of my sock projects!


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