I Love Piecework

No spinning wheel yet. Bags full of wool just waiting to be tried. I didn’t take any pictures of them yet. It’s been a gray day here.

I finished crocheting the second Critter and am working the decreases on the mitten cap. That is 2 nearly finished projects. Yay!

I was flipping through the latest Piecework today and found a column about lucet braids. They sound very interesting. The article said that they were used for the strings on old Scandinavian mittens. It also went on to say you can make multicolored lucet braid. I always love to find a way to make cool looking cord for projects, so I may have to learn this art. I especially liked that you don’t have to have a lucet tool to make it, you can use your hand. I read something on a blog about this a couple years ago and forgot about it after doing a bit of brief research on it. I love Piecework.

I am going to try and remember to post my weight on the first of every month to track my progress to my weight loss goal. This morning I weighed in at 138 lbs. So there we are, hopefully I will be less next month at this time!


Rebecca said…
good luck with the weight loss. I just realized how much weight I've gained since I moved here, and something has to change.

I read about the lucet braids, as well. I had seen them before, and was even going to buy one, but they seemed a bit expensive. The instruction booklet was almost twice the price as the actual tool. It was neat to see how to use your hand - I am going to have to experiment with it.

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