So, yesterday the UPS truck found his way to my door with a little something:

I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting my fiber to grab onto the lead, but I finally got it to work by finding some Lopi in my stash. The world’s stickiest yarn should work, right? I finally managed to get it going, and then had problems getting the yarn to wind onto the bobbin. So, right now, I have a tiny bit of overspun yarn that is partly wound on the bobbin. I think my issue is just controlling my treadling. I am fairly certain I can spin some decent yarn with plenty of practice. Yay!

I try not to act too paranoid and weird in public, including the blog, but I am worried that I might be pregnant. Suddenly lately, I am exhausted all the time. Just like when I was pregnant. And my breasts have been a bit sore. I blamed a new bra, but maybe it isn’t. Right now, I really don’t want to be pregnant. We decided last year not to have any more kids. I’ve been looking forward to getting rid of all the baby stuff. But I am probably just being really paranoid. There is no reason I should be pregnant, but maybe I forgot a pill, you know? Maybe I’ve been staying up too late and not getting enough sleep.

Maybe I’ll go play with my spinning wheel and buy a test in the morning…


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