What I've Been Up To...

What a long week last week was. I spent the longest hour and a half of the week teaching preschool. My daughter’s teacher insanely asked me to teach for her because she had to take her son to his G.I. Dr. Only 1 kid cried. She made me feel just great, crying because her regular teacher had to leave and her mom wasn’t there. There was nothing I could do to console her. I felt like I was some sort of ogre who scares little kids for fun. She cried for 20 minutes until her mom got there. Everyone else, including me, had tons of fun. The teacher said I could do anything I wanted. So, we did art, danced, played, and then their parents came and took them away. It is so much more fun when there are other adults there.

What else? Garden work, of course. Brent and I cleared out the garden one afternoon. He told me “you know, a lot of people do this in the fall…” and I made some comment about not wanting to start any range fires. We are going to put in some raised beds and at least one is going to be a no-dig or ‘lasagna’ bed. No-dig is a method where you pile things like straw, leaves, newspaper, and compost in and let it grow your plants and decompose. You can do them in the fall, and they should be well on their way to delicious compost by spring. We are going to get a big load of compost in a few weeks. Our compost heap suffers from too many chickens hanging out on it. We need to fence it in so they can’t eat all my would-be compost. If I throw it all in their pen, they won’t even touch the stuff. Ironic, don’t you think?

Our livestock are all arriving later than planned. This leaves us more time to get things ready. Our house is definitely not ready for baby birds. I like to get ‘em early and get ‘em out. However, this year will not be working out that way. We won’t get any baby birds until after the beginning of April. Baby goats? Who knows. I called our source and she said it may be a month before her mini-lamanchas kid. And they are costing more now than she said last month. Maybe she was quoting me wether prices, who knows. The good news is that I am #1 on the list for doelings. We want 2. I was thinking about getting a wether so we would always have plenty of company for them. At $200 a head, I think not. Maybe our neighbor will have a baby to get rid of if we feel we need company for them. One of our neighbors has a lot of goats. Over 50, the last I knew.

Anyhoo, check back on Tuesday for a gruesome picture of what the cat deposited on our back porch Saturday morning. Kinda cute, kinda sick.


Sarah said…
Sounds like your spring is well under way! I'm quite jealous. We get teased mercilessly here in Chicago... it was about 70 yesterday. And today it's back down in the 40s. :(

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