Poor Little Bunny...

So, this is the picture I promised to post yesterday:

I have never seen a bunny that small. Apparently, the cat didn’t want it, because we had to do away with it. I have seen some small bunnies when the cottontails have gotten thick in the past, but this is one is really young. Hopefully, there aren’t 16 siblings waiting to nibble my garden to a nubbin this spring.

How about some chicken foraging to change the subject a bit? Here are most of my cochins enjoying some beautiful weather today:

If I had been quicker, I could have had a shot of all my chickens.

Sunday, something very special happened. I separated the fronts from the back of Accordion and started the left front. I can’t quit picking it up to knit on now. It feels like I am close to the end now. And it’s always nice when you can really see the progress. Now I am working the neckline decreases.


Sue said…
Aww, poor little bunny. I know they're a pest, but still ... those are some fine looking chooks though!

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