This is what I have been working with today:

At this point, most of it looks much different than it did this morning. And boy was I needing a break from it. I think I have most of the touchy stuff done. I am almost done putting the pockets on. It seems like putting the body together should be easy peasy. However, I will not hold my breath. Or count my eggs.

I’ve finished my sweater front and am now working on the first sleeve. I’m thinking it is entirely possible I will have this thing finished by the time the weekend is over. Fast knits are fun. Generally, I gravitate towards more complicated things, though. Like cables or color work. Once again, I let my subscription to IK lapse and missed getting the summer issue. I picked it up at the store yesterday and was amazed to find so many things that I really think I would wear. That’s always what happens when you let a subscription go.

Is everyone having a lot of strange weather this summer? I know the Northeast is, but how about other parts of the country? We are supposed to hit 100 on Thursday and last weekend, we had sweater weather. One thing about all the freaky cold weather we’ve been having is that it is easy on the air conditioning. And it makes you want to knit a lot.

Last of all, this is my crochet project:

It is a project I mentioned months ago that I am doing to use up all my copious amounts of old white acrylic yarn. I am making 2 butterfly afghans, one for each kid. I might even have enough pink and purple to make the butterfly squares. I am sort of hoping to have them done for Christmas, but we’ll see. I am only 6 squares in to a 70 square, 36 butterfly project. Maybe Easter or next Christmas…


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