My New Best Friend

This is my new best friend. I’ve wanted the Fanny Farmer Cookbook for a very long time. I have the original version, The 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. It is very interesting and contains my cornbread recipe. I would like to try a lot of the cookies that are in it, but I never seem to get around to them. Last night I used it to bake some squash.

I have issues with plastic. I hate it. When Brent and I got together, I eliminated all of his plastic plates and glasses. Now, with small children, we have plastic cups again. In the dishwasher, they get knocked around and turned right side up and end up full of nasty stuff and need to washed again. A while back I was at a friend’s house and noticed that she lets her kids, who are around the same age as mine, drink out of glass. So I decided to try out trusting my kids with something breakable. It has been working out well. I have decided the plastic stuff is going. I am also thinking about replacing our plastic storage containers with glass. We have some glass storage containers with plastic lids that we got as a wedding gift and they are pretty good. I’m probably not going to get rid of the plastic containers, but when I need more, I will get glass instead. I think plastic is a huge problem for society. It is TOO disposable. When I think ‘plastic bowl’, I also think ‘junk’. And then the health issues… I don’t want to even think what chemicals might already be a part of my future grandchildren thanks to plastic.

Do you feel better? I do.

Check out the backpack:

I was amazed with how cool it is. I changed the straps. They were just sewn in, but I made the straps adjustable for growing kids. Initially, I was worried that the backpack wouldn’t be big enough. When I cut the pattern out, I checked back/front piece against Knitter #2’s old backpack and was pleased that it was the same size. Now for the purple one…


I love FF, such a killer cookbook with an interesting history behind it.
Rima said…
Super duper cool backpack!
Quilting Mama said…
I love the backpacks.
Jules said…
I work with 0-2 year olds and we use glass with them rather than plastic. As teachers we made a decision to reduce the amount of plastic in their environment and replace it with more natural materials. Sure we have breakages (the floor is concrete) but the children handle them a lot better than we thought they would.

BTW, love the backpacks. Blessings, Jules (from the Loom)

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