I Love Knitting Again

I don’t know if it’s the cool weather, the big needles, or the new books. Knitting hasn’t excited me this much in a long time. There are all kinds of things that I would like to knit and I am even thinking about my 2 sweaters that are still in the design process right now. I’d like to start one of them this fall if I have the time and get some other projects out of the way.

This is the back of my DROPS 100-3 sweater:

You might be able to see the color changes. It isn’t the best picture for that, though. I am halfway up the front right now. I am a few centimeters from dividing the front to work each side.

I’ve been doing some other things this week, too:

These are not from my garden. The grasshoppers have done most of our garden in this year. I haven’t seen grasshoppers this bad in many years. I’ve been picking up produce at the stands in town. The only thing we have left is the tomatoes, pumpkins and Brussels sprouts. And I haven’t been out there in days, so I could be wrong about that. The garden hasn’t had as much attention this year with all the stress I’ve had. My stress levels are improving. There is nothing like your husband’s unemployment and a death in the family to throw you into a tailspin. I really am starting to feel like I’m getting my balance back.


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