Return of the Knitting Mojo

Boy, does our pool get nasty. The past few weeks I hadn’t checked the chlorine like I should, so yesterday it looked like a mosquito infested algae pit. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but you get the idea. Last night I doctored the pool, this morning I stirred the cauldron. I did a bit of skimming last night and thought I had most of the dead grasshoppers out. Until I attached the pool vacuum this morning and stirred up the stuff in the bottom. It seemed this morning like the more I skimmed, the more there was to skim.

Here is my new knitting project:

I am loving the fast knitting of the size 15 needles. This sweater is DROPS 100-3. I have been in love with it since I first laid eyes on it a couple years ago. I am using Elann yarn for it. It is their Pure Alpaca Fina and Super Kydd. Between the alpaca and the mohair, I can’t quit stopping and petting the sweater.

This is my BYOB:

I’ve been working on it forever. I enjoy it, but I am getting tired of knitting cotton. Right now, I am also working on a cotton Patchwork Tortoise. The other day, I ordered yarn for Knitter#2’s new fall sweater. It, too, is cotton. It is a blend, so it will be more pleasant to work with.

To keep my knitting mojo up, I am planning small projects for this fall. I have yarn for a vest ordered and have been eyeing some of the smaller fall and winter projects from DROPS. I may call the yarn shop and ask them which of the DROPS yarns they stock, because they don’t stock them all. I felt some of the yarns one time and they were absolute heaven.

Today I am starting my new plan to get us organized and uncluttered. I found a book at the library that gives you a project for each week. And you start small. This week I will be organizing my mind.

The kids are going to be going to bed an half an hour earlier this week, too. School starts in about 2 weeks, I think. Preschool starts in September. I’ve been trying to get myself ready for the school year. I am not doing workouts on the days that I will be at preschool, to save myself the stress of changing my schedule and losing momentum. I don’t actually know when school starts because I haven’t had a letter from the school yet. Hopefully it comes soon…


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