Sewing Again

Today, I finally got with it and did some sewing. Several month ago, I cut a vintage Vogue dress out of a queen size flat sheet I had thrifted. It is beginning to take shape:

I am getting excited about what it is going to look like when it is done. I’m thinking about trying to finish a project every week. And I’ve got Halloween costumes to do very soon. The girls want to be Alice and Dorothy this year.

I didn’t finish any knitting or crochet projects today. I am trying to decide what to do when I finish Brent’s new winter hat. I could take up my Bonsai Tunic, or I could do some more small projects. I could start doing some stuff for the girls for Christmas. And they need mittens before the snow comes. So many things to choose from.


It seems like once summer is over the creativity comes flooding back :)...good luck with all your projects.
Unknown said…
I want to start sewing clothes for myself. I was thinking of starting with pj bottoms from old flannel sheets. I also have a skirt I want to copy. I'm a little intimidated to make clothes, though.

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