What a Week

As the title says, what a week! When it had just barely started it seems, it all went terribly wrong. I got a call at work from the ER saying my husband was there and he was fine. He’d fallen off a ladder. Falling from a ladder conjures certain images, none of which were what happened to my husband. He was working in a house, so there wasn’t far to fall. BUT. He slipped on insulation that was falling out of the attic he was working in and his tin snips were sitting in the top of the ladder where they have slots for people to put tools. His arm came down on the snips and he was cut very badly. He was lucky not to have cut an artery. They were working in a tiny little town probably 20 miles from the hospital. The guy he worked with (Isaac) tore Brent’s flannel shirt up to make a tourniquet AND drove one handed so he could help stem the flow of blood. And then Brent bled all over the ER while they tried to fix him. He lost a lot of blood, but didn’t need a transfusion. The ER doctor and Isaac both said blood was pouring out of Brent like WATER. The ER doctor repeatedly told us how lucky he was. I am glad that we will look back at this one day as that horrible time Daddy had to go to the hospital.

When you hear the words ‘emergency room’ 50 things go through your mind in an instant, faster than you could snap your fingers. It amazed me how fast I thought things like: the school should have called me, heart attack, crash, broken arm. Boy does the brain work fast in a moment of panic.

The accident ruled the week, but other things happened. Knitter #2 had her first fiddle class and got to bring a fiddle home. She’s getting a smaller one next Tuesday. Knitting happened. Monday night I started a coffee mug cozy. The rest of the week I worked on the hood of the pink sweater. It is going to have a big striped section because I ran out of pink yarn. The change I made so I wouldn’t have to seam the hood seems to be working out. I can’t wait to finish the sweater so I can make some small projects and feel like I’ve really done something lately.

I think I’ll go see if I can kiss Brent and tell him I love him a few more times before midnight. Not that he’ll remember it with the painkillers…


I'm so glad that your husband is all right! Here is to a beautiful and restful Sunday with your family!
Quilting Mama said…
Glad to know Brent is okay. Falls from ladders scare me more then most other injuries because so many injuries you wouldn't think of can occur. Give Brent a hug and healing prayer from Philly.
Unknown said…
Scary! I'm so glad it was not worse. Ladders and roofs always scare and worry me.

The fiddle is happy! Yay!
Probably Jane said…
Gosh - what a fright for you all - hope that Brent makes a swift and complete recovery.

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