To Cut or Not to Cut

This week is bound to less eventful. It has the bonus of my getting off morning class duty at work. Gretchen asked me to work in the morning class for a few weeks. I’d been looking forward to mornings free for errand running. Or getting in an extra workout.

This is the pink sweater:

It is still in that unseamed condition. It is more fun to knit than to sew up. And I have to seek out the closest possible match since I ran out of pink yarn. Instead of seaming, I’ve been knitting a coffee cup cozy and a new hat for Brent. I’m still trying to burn up stash yarn, and hopefully the hat will fulfill that little mission. The yarn is the leftover green from Soria.

Last week I decided I am ready to try working out again. Not just with the Wii Fit, but with one of my lonely Kathy Smith videos. I love Kathy Smith and enjoy her workout videos. So I am back on the workout wagon. It feels great. I don’t know why I have such a hard time keeping with a workout since I had kids. When I worked my tail off as a waitress, I couldn’t wait to get home and do my workout. I love how good I feel when I work out regularly. All that energy is fabulous. It seems like I’ve only managed to keep it up for more than a month once since the kids came along. Actually, when Knitter #2 was small, I got right back on it 6 weeks after she was born. I am determined that this time, it is going to work out.

Brent had a terrible shock the other day. His little girls announced they want to cut their hair. All because I told one of them she was going to get a little trim to keep it at waist length. He is not dealing well with it. He told me to tell them no. I don’t want them to hate long hair JUST because their father made them keep long hair. Neither one of them has ever even had a little trim. I haven’t decided whether to let them have some cut or not yet.


Unknown said…
I don't count partial balls of yarn as stash. :)

My hair never looked good long as a child. It was always straggly and straight. And then I started getting rats' nests knots in my hair when I slept, and that's when we started cutting it.

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