Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vest Obsession

When you make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, the rest of the day just goes better than if you just had cold cereal or toast. I spent my morning with a good book and warm mugs of tea on the couch. I hope yours was just as nice.

Yesterday I finally sat down at the sewing machine and got out the button hole foot. I got all my buttonholes done and now I have a bunch of buttons to get sewn on. I also dug through the stuff still piled around from when we painted and found my patterns. They are patterns for dolls that I have made up myself. And I got a fabulous idea for bunnies to make the girls for Easter. I don’t know when it is this year, I’ll have to check. A couple years ago, I made them some cool bunnies that I had seen in an embroidery book. I’m thinking of making some even cooler bunnies using the pattern I drew up for the first ones. Speaking of Easter, my Mom had the coolest Easter basket when I was a kid. My Aunt Icil made these baskets from a pattern in a magazine once upon a time. It was crocheted with variegated thread, starched, and dried on an upside down bowl to give it the shape. It was beautiful. If I could find the pattern, I could make some this year. I copied the pattern once upon a time and I think I came across it some time in the past year. Or maybe my mom had gotten a copy from my aunt and I found it. If I am lucky, I will be able to find it again. I wish I had a picture of the one Mom had.

Anyone out there joining the Ravelympics? I went hunting for it last week and signed up. I am going to make myself a Bonsai Tunic from the Spring 2007 IK, page 67. I am making mine with Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride worsted. I got the idea when I ordered some yarn last summer and was sent the worsted instead of the bulky I ordered. For the past year, I’ve been working up to an obsession with knitting vests. For a long time I have admired More Stripes by Amy King for a long time. And the Bonsai Tunic. And Talia. Obviously, when Soria came along, I was going to be obsessed with it. Anyhoo, last summer I was ordering yarn for Talia and Versatility (strangely, not a vest) when I was sent the “wrong” yarn that seemed like it would be great for a Bonsai Tunic. I don’t have yarn to make More Stripes yet. Maybe a I could knit a few more before buying yarn for another! I started into my vest knitting in August when I knit this fabulous little vest from DROPS:

I love it, but if I make another one, I won’t bother with the buttonholes and buttons because I prefer it unbuttoned. It fits so well that I don’t really need the buttons and it adds just the right amount of warmth when it is cool.

Wow. I have a lot links for this post. Maybe after that I should knit a vest.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

7 Stitches

It is so wet here right now. We’re having all this warm weather that is melting the snow off and quite a bit of rain, as well. The rivers are not flooding yet, so horrific local stories on the news. Just the news from Haiti. We donated some money to the relief effort. Brent isn’t really one to talk about doing things like that, but one day he asked me if we could. I am so thankful that we don’t have horrific catastrophes here in Idaho. The only thing we live in fear of is fire.

Sunday night we had a trauma. The girls were running back and forth and the unspeakable happened. One of them fell and got hurt. Emergency room bad. She has 7 stitches in her face until tomorrow morning. When I was helping the nurses and doctor bind her up with a pillowcase and blankets, I told her it was like when you wrap a baby up tight in blankies. She liked it for about 30 seconds. Once it was deadened things improved. Today she finally seems like her normal self. And I lived through it, too.

We finally had enough sunshine that I was able to take some pictures today. So first we have a progress shot of Soria:

I am loving this project. Sometimes cables can be taxing and not fun. I really enjoy the 1 row out of every 4 that I get to make cables. Many thanks to Heather, aka The ADD Knitter for her compliments on Soria a couple days ago.

We went and did a little shopping today and I found these at my favorite thrift shop:

I am going to alter them. I am pretty sure the girl who rang it all up wondered why I was buying so many black purses. I will show pictures one of these days when I collect everything I need for the project.

Here a couple things I’ve made lately:

I made a bunch of the tissue covers for my etsy shop. This one is the prototype that I am keeping. The other thing is a little credit card wallet. It is small and perfect when I don’t want to carry my purse with me. Perfect as long as I have pockets, that is. I think it will be handy in my purse for keeping track of my Bi-Mart card.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Opening Shop!

Yesterday, on a whim, I pushed a button on Etsy and re-opened my shop. It was just that easy. I had made some scarves last month for it and took the pictures. And did nothing. I guess I wasn’t ready until yesterday. Apparently, it is the right time for me, because I’ve made a bunch of small things besides the scarves in the past 24 hours.

The goats have settled in and seem to all be happy. This morning, I did notice an odor about the buck. I expect it could give you a headache if you were exposed to it enough in an enclosed space. The new trick is getting the girls to stay in the barn while I close the door. I can’t give them grain while the buck is here because he can’t have grain. Grain is how I trick them into staying out of my way while I lock them in. They thought apple chunks were just plain mean tonight. Possibly worse than nothing at all.

When I get several repeats of my cables on Soria, I will show a fabulous picture of them. A picture, anyway.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goat Freaks

Strange to make 2 posts in one day, but it seemed warranted. My goats are freaks! We went and picked up Chester, the buck I chose to breed them to, and brought him home late this afternoon. Thank God we got him here a good hour and a half before dark. Those girls acted like they’d never seen another goat before. They acted like he was the devil incarnate and he was desperate to make friends with them. Poor Chester. And when he followed them in the barn, I thought someone was going to get hurt. Belle and Zoe were so desperate to escape, I thought Belle was going to maim herself. Fortunately, by dark they decided they could be within 10 feet of him without dying. This was SO not the reaction I expected. I expected standoffishness. I hope the barn is still standing in the morning and that everyone is ok. He is a nice little guy. And he doesn’t even smell all that bad. To be honest, I didn’t even notice an odor. Perhaps in a few days it will stand out. Maybe I can manage a some goaty cuteness type pictures in the next few days.

And to Rima, thanks for the nice comment on my sewing!

Colorwork: Finished!

I’ve finally finished the color work band on Soria and have knitting away on the cable pattern. I don’t think I’ve done this particular cable before, so I’m getting to do something new. Many years ago, I made an aran sweater from a kit. However, I never wear it because it is rather ill fitting. It is a raglan sleeve, v-neck cardigan and it just doesn’t fit right in the shoulders. Someday I will probably unravel it and make a sweater that fits better. I still have the leftover yarn from it.

This afternoon we are going to pick up a buck to breed our does to. He is young, but was a cute baby. I’ve seen his baby picture. The woman we got our girls from boards him and thinks he will be a good buck. She bred some of her does to him, too. His name is Chester. I’m hoping we can get him here and set free with the girls before dark. As soon as class is done this afternoon, the kiddo and I will come home so we can head out to pick her sis up from school and hit the road. Chester lives about 35 miles from here. Maybe more. Brent is supposed to have the truck and carrier ready to go when we get home. The nice thing about minis is that you can use the big dog carriers for them instead of having to have a horse trailer.

Pictures of cables soon…

Friday, January 08, 2010

Maintaining Control...

I was looking at some sewing projects last night and saw a dress someone had made that was slightly different than a pattern I have. And I suddenly needed to make that dress. And I knew what I wanted to line it with. Some silky stuff I saw a while back that would feel as cool as a mouthful of lemon curd on a hot summer day. And then I started to think I would want to call it my Lemon Curd Dress. I don’t have the fabric for it, and in my mind I am already wearing it… How will I survive a month of not buying fabric?!

The other day, we hit our favorite local thrift store. I found my new favorite jeans there and I some old floral sheets that were screaming to be dresses. I made them all mine. I wish I had seen this tutorial before I had left, because they had some nice purses that I could have upcycled for gifts.

But hey, this used to be a knitting blog. In case people doubt that I still knit, I decided to get pictures of both projects I’ve actually been working on in the past week. I am starting to see the light of day with the color work on Soria:

And these are the Little Ballerina Legwarmers:

If it weren’t for Facebook, I would have a lot more time for knitting and sewing. Last summer, when my older brother was here, he introduced me to Farmtown. And until I got high speed, I couldn’t really do anything with it. Now I am planning my crops so that they are ready to harvest on my days off. I’ve had to get tough with myself about the time I am spending there. I do have a whole other life away from Farmtown, afterall. It is like Ravelry. It sucks me in and 5 hours later I wonder where the time went.

Lastly, it is January. That means I have to start planning the gardening. I need to start my plants soon. And I think I am all out of tomato seeds necessitating a visit to my favorite seed people at Southern Exposure. I love them.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lots of Sewing Projects

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year. Tomorrow is going to be my last day before I go back to work. The super taxing 5 hour a week job. How will I survive?! Right now, I am just praying to get over this horrid cold I’ve been suffering through. It’ll be nice to breathe with my nose again. I am very happy to say my tail bone is feeling much better.

I think I’ve done pretty well with my plan to sew my way through my stash. I’ve all but finished 3 tops (2 need buttons and buttonholes), 2 skirts, 2 little girl nightgowns,1 bag and cut out another top. I think my plan now will be to finish up some projects. There was a bag on the sewing machine when I started my foray a couple weeks ago. It is a much more involved project than the bag I whipped out today. Here are the projects I’ve finished since I last posted:

The black top the that was kicking my a** the last time I was here. When it has buttons we’ll see if I can wear it out in public.

This pink one is the same pattern, but with longer sleeves. It is the third top I’ve made with this pattern. I love it. It is Simplicity 2936.

This bag came from the last summer’s June issue of McCall’s Quilting. The pictures that show how to stuff it inside the carrying pocket were a bit confusing to me. But the instructions were fine. It is supposed to be a shopping bag. There are also supposed to be buttons on it to close it. I haven’t picked them out of the button box yet, though.

The next top will be made with the shirt pattern from the Sewing U book by Wendy Mullin (as in Built By Wendy). The skirt pattern was great, so I have high hopes about the other patterns. I’d like to have her book on knits, too.

Maybe I will show some of my knitting next post…