Colorwork: Finished!

I’ve finally finished the color work band on Soria and have knitting away on the cable pattern. I don’t think I’ve done this particular cable before, so I’m getting to do something new. Many years ago, I made an aran sweater from a kit. However, I never wear it because it is rather ill fitting. It is a raglan sleeve, v-neck cardigan and it just doesn’t fit right in the shoulders. Someday I will probably unravel it and make a sweater that fits better. I still have the leftover yarn from it.

This afternoon we are going to pick up a buck to breed our does to. He is young, but was a cute baby. I’ve seen his baby picture. The woman we got our girls from boards him and thinks he will be a good buck. She bred some of her does to him, too. His name is Chester. I’m hoping we can get him here and set free with the girls before dark. As soon as class is done this afternoon, the kiddo and I will come home so we can head out to pick her sis up from school and hit the road. Chester lives about 35 miles from here. Maybe more. Brent is supposed to have the truck and carrier ready to go when we get home. The nice thing about minis is that you can use the big dog carriers for them instead of having to have a horse trailer.

Pictures of cables soon…


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