7 Stitches

It is so wet here right now. We’re having all this warm weather that is melting the snow off and quite a bit of rain, as well. The rivers are not flooding yet, so horrific local stories on the news. Just the news from Haiti. We donated some money to the relief effort. Brent isn’t really one to talk about doing things like that, but one day he asked me if we could. I am so thankful that we don’t have horrific catastrophes here in Idaho. The only thing we live in fear of is fire.

Sunday night we had a trauma. The girls were running back and forth and the unspeakable happened. One of them fell and got hurt. Emergency room bad. She has 7 stitches in her face until tomorrow morning. When I was helping the nurses and doctor bind her up with a pillowcase and blankets, I told her it was like when you wrap a baby up tight in blankies. She liked it for about 30 seconds. Once it was deadened things improved. Today she finally seems like her normal self. And I lived through it, too.

We finally had enough sunshine that I was able to take some pictures today. So first we have a progress shot of Soria:

I am loving this project. Sometimes cables can be taxing and not fun. I really enjoy the 1 row out of every 4 that I get to make cables. Many thanks to Heather, aka The ADD Knitter for her compliments on Soria a couple days ago.

We went and did a little shopping today and I found these at my favorite thrift shop:

I am going to alter them. I am pretty sure the girl who rang it all up wondered why I was buying so many black purses. I will show pictures one of these days when I collect everything I need for the project.

Here a couple things I’ve made lately:

I made a bunch of the tissue covers for my etsy shop. This one is the prototype that I am keeping. The other thing is a little credit card wallet. It is small and perfect when I don’t want to carry my purse with me. Perfect as long as I have pockets, that is. I think it will be handy in my purse for keeping track of my Bi-Mart card.


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