Goat Freaks

Strange to make 2 posts in one day, but it seemed warranted. My goats are freaks! We went and picked up Chester, the buck I chose to breed them to, and brought him home late this afternoon. Thank God we got him here a good hour and a half before dark. Those girls acted like they’d never seen another goat before. They acted like he was the devil incarnate and he was desperate to make friends with them. Poor Chester. And when he followed them in the barn, I thought someone was going to get hurt. Belle and Zoe were so desperate to escape, I thought Belle was going to maim herself. Fortunately, by dark they decided they could be within 10 feet of him without dying. This was SO not the reaction I expected. I expected standoffishness. I hope the barn is still standing in the morning and that everyone is ok. He is a nice little guy. And he doesn’t even smell all that bad. To be honest, I didn’t even notice an odor. Perhaps in a few days it will stand out. Maybe I can manage a some goaty cuteness type pictures in the next few days.

And to Rima, thanks for the nice comment on my sewing!


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