Maintaining Control...

I was looking at some sewing projects last night and saw a dress someone had made that was slightly different than a pattern I have. And I suddenly needed to make that dress. And I knew what I wanted to line it with. Some silky stuff I saw a while back that would feel as cool as a mouthful of lemon curd on a hot summer day. And then I started to think I would want to call it my Lemon Curd Dress. I don’t have the fabric for it, and in my mind I am already wearing it… How will I survive a month of not buying fabric?!

The other day, we hit our favorite local thrift store. I found my new favorite jeans there and I some old floral sheets that were screaming to be dresses. I made them all mine. I wish I had seen this tutorial before I had left, because they had some nice purses that I could have upcycled for gifts.

But hey, this used to be a knitting blog. In case people doubt that I still knit, I decided to get pictures of both projects I’ve actually been working on in the past week. I am starting to see the light of day with the color work on Soria:

And these are the Little Ballerina Legwarmers:

If it weren’t for Facebook, I would have a lot more time for knitting and sewing. Last summer, when my older brother was here, he introduced me to Farmtown. And until I got high speed, I couldn’t really do anything with it. Now I am planning my crops so that they are ready to harvest on my days off. I’ve had to get tough with myself about the time I am spending there. I do have a whole other life away from Farmtown, afterall. It is like Ravelry. It sucks me in and 5 hours later I wonder where the time went.

Lastly, it is January. That means I have to start planning the gardening. I need to start my plants soon. And I think I am all out of tomato seeds necessitating a visit to my favorite seed people at Southern Exposure. I love them.


Soria is AMAZING!! Really cool pattern and your colorwork tension is 100% perfect.

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