Opening Shop!

Yesterday, on a whim, I pushed a button on Etsy and re-opened my shop. It was just that easy. I had made some scarves last month for it and took the pictures. And did nothing. I guess I wasn’t ready until yesterday. Apparently, it is the right time for me, because I’ve made a bunch of small things besides the scarves in the past 24 hours.

The goats have settled in and seem to all be happy. This morning, I did notice an odor about the buck. I expect it could give you a headache if you were exposed to it enough in an enclosed space. The new trick is getting the girls to stay in the barn while I close the door. I can’t give them grain while the buck is here because he can’t have grain. Grain is how I trick them into staying out of my way while I lock them in. They thought apple chunks were just plain mean tonight. Possibly worse than nothing at all.

When I get several repeats of my cables on Soria, I will show a fabulous picture of them. A picture, anyway.


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