Fiber Stashing

I have never had much of a fiber stash.  My fabric and yarn stashes take up enough space, so I haven't ever acquired a lot of fiber. However, with Tour De Fleece starting soon, I thought I had better order in some reinforcements:

This first picture is from Three Waters Farm. I fell in love with their Tour De Fleece colorway when I saw it on Knitting Sarah's blog a while back. It has all the colors, and I love that. This is a merino silk blend that I normally would have passed up. 

This is the Cool Storm colorway in the same merino silk blend.

This is the fiber I am most excited about from Three Waters Farm.  It is Finn wool in the Satisfied With Summer colorway.  I haven't spun Finn before, but have wanted to try it for a long time.

On to Edgewood Garden Studio.

This is Corriedale humbug in a colorway called Dark Mineshaft 1. 

And this is Wensleydale in a colorway called Miraculous 3. You might have noticed how similar it looks to Cool Storm several pictures above.  Clearly this combination of colors has an attraction for me!

It will be exciting to try some new fibers in the coming weeks.


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