Last year, I decided to devote half an hour a day to spinning. Some days were just a few minutes, but I really tried to get that half hour every day.  It paid off.  These are the result of my spinning:

These are not a recent knit, they were knit back in the winter, I think. Over the past few years I have gone from someone who owned a spinning wheel, to actually being able to make my own yarn. Just because you have a wheel doesn't mean you can actually make a usable yarn.  My spinning wheel sat neglected because it was intimidating for several years.  I didn't know how to get it to spin correctly.  One day, I got mad about it and looked up some spinning groups on Ravelry and figured out I just needed to tighten the drive band.

What I am spinning right now:

I am going to ply this with some orange singles I did earlier in the spring.  They are both merino that I dyed myself several years ago. The yarn will be classic barber pole 2 ply.  Most of my yarn so far has been either a solid color plied together or Navajo plied.  I do really like the roundness of Navajo plied.  Someday I will try a different method of getting 3 ply yarn.

This yarn I showed last week is Navajo plied:

 This yarn is 2 ply:

 This is the yarn that I used to make the mitts at the top of this post.  There was a lot of this stuff left.  And there were 2 yarn cakes like the one pictured above. More mitts?  Hats to match? It's a tough decision, but I think I will survive!


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