Spinning Plans

I have been doing some spinning:

And I have plans for more spinning.  Last week I was reading Knitting Sarah and she was talking about getting ready for Tour de Fleece. I am not sure I had heard of it before, but I went over and signed up for it on the Team Kromski page. For several days, I told myself I have plenty of roving and I really don't need any more. None.  Then yesterday a friend contacted me about bringing my spinning wheel to Story Time at the library last week.  That tipped the balance somehow. I now have roving from Edgewood Garden Studio and Three Waters Farm coming.

This little pile of roving is going to become a Crazy Zauberball-like yarn.

I dyed this merino for it back in February or March. It was a fun process dyeing these small bits of fiber for a planned project.  It is my first planned spinning project. I am saving it for when Tour de Fleece starts.

This stuff is my next spinning project:

The colorful one is something I bought from Paradise Fibers back in 2007, I think.  For a long time I was saving it for when I got good with my spindle.  Then I was saving it for when I figured out spinning on my wheel.  Well, the time has finally come.  I hope to have it started in time to use at the library Monday because I think the kids will like the mix of bright colors. My plan is to spin the roving and then ply it with a contrasting solid color into something like worsted weight. Right now, I am thinking green would be a good color to put with the other colors.  It is BFL, and I do have some natural colored BFL that I could dye green to go with it.

I had some other green roving that I was thinking about using until I saw this:

Now it and everything stored with it is in the freezer.  I did not see any signs of damage with anything else around it.  Most of my roving is stored in plastic bags, and this one and a reddish pink one were not. Even the the reddish pink one did not  have any signs of damage.  It did throw me into a bit of a panic, so I  ordered some lavender to make sachets to put in all my storage containers and in my closet. I did some reading on keeping my wool safe and what to do when you get an infestation. Over the years, I have only once found yarn that I thought might have been attacked by clothes moths.  Nothing else in that storage container seemed to have been eaten, so I felt like it might have been like that when I bought it.  I live in such a dry climate, clothes moths usually aren't too much of an issue here.  That hole is so large, I can't actually imagine it being from a clothes moth larvae.  However, I am going to be checking all my yarn and roving over the next few days.

I hope you all have a much more relaxing weekend!


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