I baked cookies today:

They caused happy smiles from the 2 little knitters. It brought about rather greedy sounding giggles from the littlest one.

This is my sleeve:

Still short, but it only has to be 8 or 9 inches long because it is a ¾ sleeve. My sweater didn’t bite the cookie. Someone else did. I won’t name any names.

I don’t show you guys much of what I sew. Maybe I should for variety. I’m always thinking I will, but then I don’t. So, today I am turning over a new leaf. I have been working on this top lately. Sheer fabrics always remind me why they can be a pain. I don’t remember what last years sheer fabric did, but I love the top it became. Hopefully this top will be as well liked. I plan on layering it over tank tops. One sheer project a year is enough for me. I will be happy to greet my friend cotton for some shorts in a few days.


Lone Knitter said…
Okay, your cookies made me totally hungry. It's after midnight, and now I want some freshly baked cookies! You should definitely show us more of your sewing! Pretty top!
Rebecca said…
Yum, cookies! Your top is pretty; all garment sewing is painful for me. Do you live near a campground or something that there are lots of campfires, or is it just all the smoke from the fires in MT? I heard something about 300 new fires erupting one day there. I know UT has been burning, too, but you probably don't get the effects from that. My brother owns some property in MT and they had a tornado through there - weird weather!

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