A Tour de France for me!

Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone out there is being safe.

I want to thank everyone for the nice birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day. This is sort of how it went: I woke up, had breakfast in bed, had a nap, went to the mountains, had a nap, got Chinese take out. I even did some knitting in there. When we went to the mountains we went on a road we’d never taken before, so it was all new territory. I love exploring our mountains. This is the magnificent view we had when we got to the top:

Yesterday morning when I was making my daily blog rounds, I found a cool knitalong over at the add knitter. It is the Tour de France knit along. It is open for signups until the 7th which I believe is Saturday. You pick something yellow or France related to knit. Yellow for the yellow leaders jersey. I am going to do my red and white striped sweater that I was talking about last week. I’ve done the swatching, now I need to do some measurements and get the math done by the weekend so I can start on Saturday. My sweater was inspired by one seen on a French knitblog.

Above is the BSU sweater. I am about 2” from starting the lettering. Maybe even closer. That means I need to get my letters charted this morning. I hope to be up to the armpit by Saturday when I start the Tour de France project. The knitalong has given my knitting some zippety do da. I love competing with myself. This doesn’t just come up in my knitting, either. I never try to compete with other people, I am a closet competitor. Back to the BSU sweater, I am very close to stopping to do the sleeves. That is always a signal to me that I am almost done with a sweater. In this case, I think I will be just past halfway when I finish one sleeve. Sweaters knit in the round seem to go faster than sweaters knit in pieces.


Cool, I'm so glad you're joining. I love the sweater you're going to make...

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