Tour de France Woes

Before I get to the bad news, here’s a picture of a family of pheasants. Maybe two families since there are 2 adult hens. I have no doubt there are 5 or 6 more at the very least that I didn’t see. There are lots of grasshoppers this year and that means lots of food for baby pheasants.

The bad news. I had to rip my entire Tour de France sweater. Right down to the cast on row. I held on to those cast on stitches for dear life. I hate casting on. I had to rip because the thing was way too freaking big. Because I didn’t check my GAUGE after starting. I did my swatch with dpns. There is a Zimmerman quote to cover what I did/didn’t do. Something about supping something bitter I think. Maybe I will be able to find it later after I publish this post.

Anyway, this is where I am now. Almost back to where I was before.

In other news, I got a wonderful birthday box from my brother’s family. It included 3 fun goodies for me: cookbooks! One Chinese, one a mix of asian, one Greek. We’ve been consuming all sorts of Chinese delights since then. I’ve hardly had time for knitting or sewing with all the drooling through the cookbooks.


Oh sister I feel your pain--I frogged my Canal du Midi socks as well today b/c they are completely wrong and need a different yarn altogether!! But frogging socks is nothing compared to a sweater--sorry to hear of your misfortune!
sophanne said…
I posted on the exact same experience today- You're not alone-
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry that you had to frog your sweater - I certainly can feel your pain! Fingers crossed that the next try will work out perfectly!
Lone Knitter said…
Maybe this is just the season for frogging. I'll be frogging a pair of socks today--used a short row heel--why do I always try to pretend that I like the short row heel? But your sweater looks as if you made a speedy knitting recovery.
Probably Jane said…
It's the mark of a true champion to get back in the saddle after such a nasty tumble - and at least you don't have an embarrassing rip in your cycling shorts!

Hang in there - you're making good progress.

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