Sewing, Knitting, and Christmas

First of all, I would like to show you the progress I made on Tour de France sweater during the Tour. I have now started on the second sleeve. The past 5 days, I haven’t done a lot of knitting, so I didn’t get the second sleeve started until yesterday morning.

Instead, I have been sewing. In the last post, I mentioned that I might start showing you more of my sewing. I’ve been working on some shorts for myself and some things to post on etsy. The things for etsy are in the idea stage right now. Meaning I haven’t gotten any for the site sewn up, just a first one for myself to see how it would come out. This is a coin purse I made:

I think I will add a little handle to slip on your wrist. Here is a shot of what I have done on my shorts. I am past the daunting zipper part. I don’t find zippers daunting anymore, but I used to.

Rebecca asked if the smoke here was coming from Montana. I think the smoke we were getting was coming from fires in the McCall area. It is sort of central Idaho. There was smoke coming from the huge fire down by the Nevada border, too. I had a hard time believing it was coming clear up here, but that was what I heard. That fire is/was a good 6 hour drive away. I hope it is out, someone told me they thought it was. There are quite a few fires here in Idaho that are going to be allowed to burn. I think for the most part that is a good idea, but sometimes I think it can be a really bad idea, too. No one wants to lose their home or livestock because of something like that. Areas NEED to burn off dead grass and undergrowth at some point. Putting out all the fires for years has created really bad fire danger situations. Less fuel for fires is better.

In other knitting news, I need to start my Christmas projects. I am also starting to plan this norse style sweater I mentioned a few months back. I won’t start it until after all my Christmas stuff is done. This year I think I will do a little more sewing for Christmas. It is quicker to sew a shirt than knit a pair of socks. I am trying to make things easier for myself. It is possible I am suffering from some sort of illness. Make things EASIER??? I have promised myself I will start getting things out of the way on Aug. 1 and that is tomorrow. We’ll see how I do!


Rebecca said…
Yikes - Christmas already! I think maybe this year I am doing gift cards. ☺ The coin purse is great - I think it would be good with or without the strap.

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