The Sweaters Progress

Even though I am trying to power knit my way through an entire little sweater for the Tour de France kal, I have still been working on the BSU Sweater. It is not languishing as an itinerant ufo candidate. Ha. My husband would be saying things like ‘Is that my sweater sleeve laying in the floor?’ or ‘You are going to finish my sweater aren’t you?’

Anyway, this is where I am on my first sleeve. I am almost done with my increases. This means I should think about getting a measurement for the sleeve’s length. It would be a shame to knit it like a foot longer than it needs to be. One time I knit a sweater body something in the range of 4” too long. If you think there might have been some racy language when I found that out, you should have heard me when I found out I ripped out 2” too much. These days, I measure OFTEN.

This brings us to my Tour de France progress shot. I think I have one more increase row left on the body. A few rows after that, I intend to try it on and see how it fits.


Rebecca said…
Sweater progress is fabulous...I can't even imagine knitting in that heat, though, yikes! Glad you have central air. How are you liking the bamboo needles? I really like working with them, but they are what I learned on, so that might be part of it.
Lone Knitter said…
It looks like you're making great progress everywhere. Happy knitting.

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