The Christmas Challenge

I’ve done very good with working on my Christmas stuff already. I finished that sad little bunny from last year and have gotten a good start on one of the bears. I was going to wait to do a picture of the bunny until the bears were done, but then I remembered they have to have sweaters. So here is the bunny:

And now, we have the Christmas list. Subject to change, of course. I might have to add to it. Let’s hope I don’t take things off!

Red elephant
Pajama bottoms
Hat and Scarf set
Lap quilt

I am setting myself a date to have all Christmas gift making done by December 1. I think I will call it my Christmas Challenge.

My shorts are done except for putting a snap on. I don’t have a snap for them, so that has to wait until I get one. The top I was working on was such a hassle with the sewing machine that I may have to finish it by hand. I’ll give it another chance with the sewing machine next week. The thread was slipping right through the fabric instead of catching and sewing it together. It made me say bad things. And we will leave it at that.

I’m still working on my current projects. I’ve been knitting away on 2 second sleeves. Then it’ll be back to the sweater bodies. Except with sleeves attached.

Just for a change, I am going to offer up a recipe. It’s my trail mix recipe. I get everything in the bulk department of the grocery store. It is much better and much cheaper than those puny packages you see in stores.

3 cups peanuts
1 cup raisins
1 cup dried cranberries
1 cup m&m candies
A fistful of almonds

Mix it together and store in a zipper bag or air tight container. Naturally, if you don’t like certain ingredients, you will substitute your own favorites. I wouldn’t recommend chocolate chips because they will melt if they get hot in the car or in the sun on a hike.


Awww he's such a cute lil pal!
Lone Knitter said…
I love the knitted bunny. Geez. I haven't even thought about Christmas gifts yet! I guess I need to get cranking on a list myself.
Rebecca said…
Cute bunny!

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